Non-normative genders in Anime Pt. 2

intersectional alien

In my initial post (and in my thought process that lead towards creating this project) I made an assumption of tropes based on my limited viewing of anime. My experience of anime is limited due to the few animes I’ve watched being quite blatantly sexist or very male-centric. Considering there are actually more than 10 000 animes in existence, it’s fair to say that my observations were more generalised assumptions. But do my assumptions hold up?

Well, according to Western analyses of anime, they actually (mostly) do. In a 2014 article, Aja Romano wrote an article for The Daily Dot, where they stated the following:

“The more typical and “traditional” attempt to portray both crossdressing and genderqueer identity in Japanese storytelling narratives has usually been to make it a joke. This includes the old standby of using flamboyantly gay people who crossdress, or drag itself, as humor. Even though drag can often be a transformative process…

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