Learn how to do K-POP

iccrvTo experience the K-Pop, not only listen to the song but also learn how to dance with it. In my digital artifact, I’m going to experience the K-Pop by previewing the music video and learn how to dance. It is essential in K-Pop as the visual part of K-Pop, not only the appearance of the music video, but also the choreography of the song. (Michael 2015)


In the industry of K-Pop, it is a highly visual phenomenon. (Michael 2015) The biggest appeal in these K-Pop videos in terms of visually comes from the dance choreographies of K-Pop groups. It is often to change the dance formation such as switching the front dancers. There are one or more lead dancers in one group, which leads the whole group to dance. Not meaning that others won’t be the front, but in terms of visually, the whole groups should perform in a clear and neat formation. They rely on the choreography, which might include significant dance moves and multi-tops formation. There are also some backup dancers when it is necessary to provide a visual formation. Non-professional dancers, like fans can produce a quick easy-to-imitate cover dance by watching those music videos. When I researched about K-Pop dances and notice the “easy dances” of K-Pop, I feel it is bringing its own significant music industry and dancing to the world in a whole new level. For sure it is only during the time in 2009, because those simple dances like “Gee” by SNSD, “Nobody” by Wonder Girls and “Sorry Sorry” by Super Junior are quiet “classic” compare to now K-Pop dances industry. The fact that K-Pop back then is too simple compared to K-Pop now.


There are new groups coming out this year and bringing the significant “shaping knife” dance moves, which means with a 100% fluency and the best formation changes. It is difficult and fans love them. It is quiet different when I figure it out by looking at the research material and the K-Pop songs I listened this year. Still, there is nothing changed with the fact of formation and its significant dance moves. With solo artists, they do have backup dancers to do multi-formation, but the front is the artist, like PSY.


How does K-Pop be significant? A mixture of dance styles. This is the second information I agreed with the research. K-Pop dances can be described as a mixture of different dance styles. (Michael 2015) They especially use hip-pop and often simplified to more minimalistic dance patterns, choreographed for group performance and combined with characteristics gestural movements, so called signature moves. Hip-Pop is the base of K-Pop as the reason of early hip-pop group in Korea. It gained a strong foothold in Korean pop culture and the styles have become an integral part in the dance lessons of idol aspirants.

Not only with the hip-pop stylists, but also the labor force came from global brings the global dimension of K-pop dances. In 2008, dancer Rino Nakasone Razalan who gained the fame as a dancer and choreographer for American pop stars such as Janet Jackson, Britney Spears and Gwen Stefani, was contracted by SM Entertainment for the dance choreography in the music video called “Replay” which signals Korean company’s image to be global company.


Talk about significant move, it is how they promoting K-Pop to the international audiences. As a non-Korean speaker, it is easy to memorize a song by looking at its gesture. As a tool it can help them circumvent language barriers and remember the songs. That’s how they do to PSY “Gangnam Style”. With the dance move crossing hand and jumping, the song became a huge fame around the world.


For the future project, it is good to try how they use significant move to promote a song. I’m a dancer so it is quiet easy for me to memorize the dance moves. However, it is more important to explore how do they do the formation. It is hard for me myself to do it, I would try all roles to see how the difference of being in the center and being at the back.

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  1. Hi there, I am actually a J and K pop fan, I agree with you that K pop, especially the choreography is getting a lot more complicated than what it used to be. I guess it is because the K pop industry is very competitive nowadays, and the bands need to do something more difficult in order to stand out from the cloud. In regard to your project, I think it will be easier for you to start off with early 2010s because there should be some tutorial online to teach you the choreography, and they are not as complicated as the one we encounter nowadays. But overall I think is project is very exciting, as you can experience Koren culture within a platform that you’re already familiar with.


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