Dance like K-Pop PSY :D

K-Pop music is a mainstream music genre in the world that people like to listen or follow. For me, not only the music, I love the choreography of the K-Pop music as the appearance and style catch my eyes. Choreography is a specific term for the dance, and it represents the dance move of a song. Not every song can fit a choreography expect there are so many different type of dances in the world. For example like hip-pop, popping, breaking, jazz and more and more. I would call the dance genre of K-Pop “K-Pop”. It is a mixed of genre within one song that can be so complicated or so easy. This is how I look at K-Pop as my own experience so far. How about watching some new K-Pop songs come out lately in order to explore the autoethnography in digital Asia culture.


a97840b1c370f10c626331ef750935fcAutoethnography “…is an approach to research and writing that seeks to describe and systematically analyse ones personal experience in order to understand cultural experience” (Ellis et al. 2011). By using this definition, I would like to explore the Korean culture in K-Pop and discuss the similarity between the my own experience and the new song.

snsd-gee-baby-o psy-gangnam-style-1

I was addicted to K-Pop since the song “Gee” by Girls Generation, a girls group with 9 people (and now they have 8). The rhythm and repeat are catchy and enjoyable. The dance move is so unique with the legs split in and out with the lyrics “Gee Gee Gee Gee baby baby baby”. It sounds stupid because I don’t know what is the lyrics mean but just addicted. For more famous song, aka the representative of K-Pop to non K-Pop fans is “Gangnam Style” by PSY. Is this song itself an addiction to the world? Or is it because of the unique dance move of riding house? It is fun to explore how do they show the visual of the song from a simple, “funny”, unique dance. How is the K-Pop now? Still with the culture of “uniqueness”? Or be more funny and over “Gangnam style”?

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