An Outline of of my very own Auto-E Study: Dark Souls PvP Subcultures

A Reblog of my initial thoughts on how my Dark Souls PvP subcultures study will be structured with some insight as to why I chose to engage this subject matter!!!

Notions of Mine

After studying what auto-ethnography is about, it is finally time to begin undertaking my studies. One will be with a group, and the other I will be doing on my own. There are many different elements to the auto-e experience and I am hoping I get it correct from the very beginning. With that said, it was important to me that I was able to choose a subject matter that was simultaneously familiar to me, yet some concepts of which continued to elude me.

This decision came rather naturally to me one evening while settling down with my partner over skype and grinding out some playthrough on the video game Dark Souls III. I had been ‘farming’ for ‘covenant’ items; items which are usually earned through the player vs player aspect of the game, in order to get a 100% achievement unlock rate for the game. I was expressing my distaste…

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