An Autoethnographic Analysis of Thai Lakorn

Madeleine Burkitt

A few weeks ago, my partner Andy and myself watched an episode of Thai Lakorn (Thai Soap Opera) and documented our thoughts, comments and feelings – all in the name of auto-ethnographic research. I wrote about it, and outlined the scope of my auto-ethnographic project here.

In this post, I’ll be reflexively analysing our documented experiences, drawing upon contextual research of Thai Lakorn and Khmer audiences in order to reach new understandings of cultural patterns and phenomena. I’ll not only be seeking to make sense of Cambodian audiences who view Thai Lakorn, but of my cultural self.

A sound analysis of our documented experience is not possible without embedding it broader contexts. To understand Thai Lakorn and Khmer audiences better, and thus be equipped to unpack my own assumptions, stereotypes and judgments, I researched the following questions. I’ve included a quick summary of each.

What is Thai Lakorn? What are…

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