Digital Artifact: Anime and gender

intersectional alien

Through my small introduction to anime, I noticed a pattern in the depiction of gender ambiguous characters. It was particularly the character Grell, from Black Butler, that was the catalyst towards my epiphany that the depiction of gender fluid and transgender characters generally involved them appearing to be crazy, dangerous, flamboyant and funny.

Cue the comments from this clip:

Screenshot 2016-08-29 20.03.51Screenshot 2016-08-29 20.04.29

Ok, so before we get into my project proposal, let’s breakdown gender. Gender is a social construct enforced on us from the moment we are born and marked as ‘male’ or ‘female’. It shapes the way we are treated and the way we are taught to behave. There are many different societies and cultures that hold different values and norms around gender, so it can be constructed in many varied forms.

In the Western context, I know that systematic understandings of gender identity are in binary/cisnormative terms. Just look at the most recent census for Australia…

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