digital asia

Over the past few weeks since initially analysing the Japanese brand identity on Fanta, I have since found more visual evidence and have become a lot more open to these ‘different’ design approaches (different ofcourse referring to my cultural recognitions).

I have found some other blogs (very undetailed and more documenting the bloggers response to the taste of the flavours) however i have been able to source some of the images used in my last blog post in which I have learnt more about them. For example, the drinks in the image below are called Fanta Furu Furu Shaker (ファンタ ふるふるシェイカー?). The reason for this name being that it contains small jelly bits in which dissolve into the drink for more flavour when shaken 10 times before opening the can. This was quite an interesting fact to find, although not in relation to graphic package design, it is a part of the…

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