Korean VS. Western beauty ideals

For my major project, my area of interest is in comparing Korean beauty ideals and Western beauty standards and exploring how cultures impact an individual’s perceptions of beauty. As a beauty and cosmetics fanatic, I can be found in my room religiously watching YouTube beauty tutorials, reading articles about the latest looks and items which are trending, laughing at the memes circulating social media or in store at Mecca Cosmetica with my hand covered in lipstick swatches. Make-up has become such a priority for me that I even want to dedicate my life to working in the head office of a global cosmetics house.

Due to this constant immersion into the beauty realm, I was particularly drawn to one social trend which blew up online and that was the rise of Korean beauty ideals. These ideals were gaining attention and giving rise to ‘Korean Inspired’ beauty tutorials online, more articles…

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  1. For me personally, this topic is extremely relatable and relevant within my social sphere today and I commend you for choosing a topic that you are clearly passionate about and draw an emotional connection to. Autoethnography involves the process of understanding a culture by drawing on personal experiences from your own, and coming to the realisation that you make sense of this culture through your own cultural lens. It’s the combination of analysis and emotionality that makes autoethnography so unique.
    I understand that you are going to draw comparisons between Korean-style beauty and Western-style beauty, but perhaps instead of drawing comparisons between the two, you could immerse yourself in Korean culture and discuss how you make sense of Korean style makeup through your research. By immersing yourself in this culture, it will help you understand why the techniques and styles between Korean and Western makeup differ, and you can draw on the epiphanies you experience during this process. This could be particularly effective as you yourself are Korean, so it would be really interesting to see how growing up in Australia has influenced how you perceive Korean culture.


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