Autoethnography and Japanese culture


Autoethnography to me is a revolutionary method of analysing and investigation a product or concept. While it can’t be said that it is a completely modern method of research, I believe it can shape the way of future research processes.

Custer 2014, describes autoethnography as“research that requires that we observe ourselves observing, that we interrogate what we think and believe, and that we challenge our own assumptions, asking over and over if we have penetrated as many layers of our own defenses, fears, and insecurities as our project requires.

My take on the concept is that it is an immensely unique research method that allows an individual to make breakthroughs based own their own experiences. For example, if I’m looking into the work of renowned scholars I’m generally only enhancing my own knowledge with a minimal chance of providing further substantial insight into a research area. However, if I am…

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