Autoethnography of the 1954 film Godzilla


Watching Godzilla (1954) in our seminar was a different Japanese experience. I think that my reaction was somewhat different to other members of the class, having recently returned from holidaying in Japan. Watching this film, for me, jogged memories of the Hiroshima’s atomic bomb and how the whole nation dealt with such hardship and pain in the aftermath of the catastrophe. It’s an unusual way to think about Godzilla considering that it is obviously a fictional story. However, I could not get the picture of the Hiroshima bombing out of my head. This made me think why would a fictional film evoke such strong feelings in me. Why would I find this film easier to relate to? I wonder how it made me look past the unrealistic Godzilla to actually feel sorry for the Japanese? I concluded that the connection was due to my visit to Hiroshima. Hiroshima provokes such…

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