Japanese Reality TV: Terrace House (Project Proposal)

Digital Asia (DIGC330)

Emerson et al. (1995, pp.2ff) says the Auto-ethnographer will try to connect the personal life of the observed with their social context and their culture without becoming an insider themselves.

“The ethnographer learns a new language but speaks it with an accent. No matter how fluent she feels, she will never blend in completely” (Roth & Hamara 2000)

Although not to be taken literally, the above quote works well with my chosen field of work. Over the course of the next 6 weeks, I will be immersing myself into the world of Japanese Reality Television, and in particular the Netflix co-produced show Terrace House, a ‘Big Brother’ type show where 6 boys and girls live in a beautiful house together for the drama, romance and friendships.

After some initial research, it seems to be very popular in western culture and portrays “real people” and not “forced drama”. The show can…

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