Re-Examining my autoethnographic account of ‘State of Play’


In re-examining my auto-ethnographic post on ‘State of Play’, I’ve realised that while there were some aspects where I did well and others where I certainly did not.

On a positive note, I think I did a relatively good job of capturing my experiences in an analytical way rather than just telling a ‘nice story’ as discussed in the Ellis, et al. reading. This is something I’ve definitely had an issue with in previous writings so in re-examining my post I’m pretty happy in that regard.

There were a few issues with my post which I’ll have to be aware of in future. Firstly the Ellis et al. reading emphasized comparing personal experiences against existing research, interviewing cultural members and/ or examing relative artifacts. While I did utilise some research in my post I feel like it would definitely of been strengthened by further research. Secondly, I made some assumptions…

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