Gojira (1954): Second-Time-Lucky.

digital asia

After revisiting my blog post in week 2 on my Autoethnography response to Gojira, my insights are somewhat the same yet some have slightly differed. I think this differentiation only comes from being more open to updated Autoethnographical interpretation of new texts after viewing multiple sources over the past few weeks since week two. For example, in my first post, I compared Gojira to a scene in one of the Austin Powers movies? Now in week 6 after witnessing many other Japanese and various asian texts/sources during class time, as well as hearing the opinions and discussions of others, I have now noticed a higher sense of understanding to Asian cultures and therefore a more Autoethnographical insight to these texts.

Flashing back also to when I wrote about my feelings and reaction to witnessing the miniatures being destroyed in the town of Toba by the monster, I stated that the feeling of watching materials…

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