A look into Asian cuisine

Naomi Pusell

Over the following weeks I will be conducting an autoethnographic study that explores my experience with both Asian cuisine that I am yet to try and Asian snacks and delicacies on my blog account. Everyone has tried the common Asian foods like fried rice and pad Thai, through this project I intend to explore less common foods and show my autoethnographical response to these. I have been inspired to follow this idea, as many Asian delicacies are unknown to me. I intend to approach this through a series of blog posts writing about my experiences of the aesthetic of the food. The taste, smell and texture. This will be accompanied via photos and possibly videos.

My research first began by looking at what actually constitutes Asian Cuisine. Asian Cuisine can be seen as a part of the culture and history of Asian countries. The cooking of such foods usually focuses…

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  1. As a massive fan of Asian cuisine, I’m excited to see this project come to life and see what weird and wonderful food you get to taste. Breaking down some of the foods and treats you could try was useful and allowed me to see what traditional meals there are out there, except I thought I should let you know that peking duck (usually over $50 for good quality) is quite expensive so you might want to try more affordable food – unless you’re willing to splurge, then I’m sure it would taste amazing! When you mentioned the treats, I noticed Yakult which I used to drink when I was younger but never realized it was Japanese.
    When you visit the city to try some Asian cuisine, I recommend going to Papparich for Malaysian food since they have a wide variety and it’s honestly quite delicious (although a bit spicy at the same time). Bread Top and the Fujipan Japanese Bakery are both great places to try some Asian baked goods you wouldn’t find at your average Baker’s Delight. As long as you do your research to make sure the food you’re trying is actually eaten overseas in these Asian countries, I feel like you have a well-thought out project on your hands.


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