Autoethnography Exercise PART TWO: Critical Analysis

intersectional alien

Following my viewing of Ladies Room, I’ve reflected on my assumptions and epiphanies from this experience. I’ve also read back on my first post in order to critically analyse my initial reaction.

Let’s start with my initial feeling towards the Ladies Room series – disappointment. While the series certainly had elements of feminism to it (discussing topic areas like casual sex, abortion, periods, developing independent lives/careers and centring around the friendship of two women), to me it wasn’t the “wild” show that it projected itself to be to a global audience (via Youtube), nor the “feminist stoner comedy” it projected to be to a Western audience (via SBS). I was also introduced to Ladies Room through it’s comparison to Broad City, and considering how relatively queer friendly Broad City is, I was particularly curious to see if Ladies Room would also go down that path…and it didn’t. 

Shreya Dhanwanthary and Saba Azad…

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