Re-Examining the Autoethnography and THE STATE OF PALAY


Ellis. (2011)“Approach to research and writing that seeks to describe and systematically analyses personal experience in order to understand cultural experience.”

Time for me to get back to work and re-thinking about the first post for DIGC330, “AUTOETHNOGRAPHY AND THE PLAY OF STATE.” First, lets rundown an “autoethnography.” It is a research method in which the researcher using their reflection and personal experiences to write a story that give meaning and understanding to wider cultural, social and political.

starcraft-fastest-zerg-protoss[StarCraft I]

In the first post, I listed my thoughts about; different perspective in ‘sport’, gender equality, and friendship on the film “State of Play” [South Korean film by Steven Dhoedt in 2013]. The film is a documentary of a 3 young men [beginner, semi pro, and the pro] gaming the StarCraft I. In my last blog, I didn’t go deep in details on my thoughts because…

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