Gojira Returns – The Sequel


I have always been both a visual and kinaesthetic learner, meaning I learn by either viewing the relationship between information through visuals, or through experience and learnt behaviour. While first learning and reading about autoethnography was able to build a starting point for my understanding of the concept, the weeks following its introduction and my reflection of past experience with similar texts is what really grounded my understanding of the term. Just as Ellis et al. (2011) proposed that autoethnography was qualitative research gathered through personal experiences, and so was my understanding of the concept itself.

During my first post I aimed to distance myself from prior experience with the Asian culture that may hinder my ability to create a fresh analysis of the content, although through (somewhat failing in…) doing so, I was able to uncover more than I thought. After my initial introduction to autoethnography in week 1…

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