A second view on Godzilla

When I first wrote about my experience watching Godzilla, I primarily focused on the use of subtitles the film and my immediate decision not to follow the film because of this. This led me to the next question: What is the importance of subtitles? And consequently has led me to evaluate the initial thought on subtitles in my previous post.

The presence of subtitles immediately leads to the idea that something is foreign, and leads to the judgement that the media is not worth the effort to watch, as it has to be read. This was originally a thought I had, however this was changed as I began to realise the film was actually pretty easy to comprehend.

So what is the importance of subtitles in film? Most English speaking people will not watch foreign films due to the use of subtitles calling for the need to ‘read’ a film rather than watch. This post highlights why you SHOULD watch subtitled films and consequently allowed me to further analyse my original post. Some reasons why include:

  1. You could be missing out on something great

This was the case in Godzilla, before engaging fully with the film I thought the movie sucked and wasn’t worth the time. Once I finally began to watch it I realised that the movie wasn’t half that bad.

  1. The more you watch, the more you will begin to understand

As I began to further watch the film, even without the subtitles I could make sense of the movie

  1. Dubbing a movie doesn’t always create the sound outcome

Some subtitled films have a dub over them, but sometimes this doesn’t line up with the original audio track, if Godzilla were to be dubbed how much would be missed?

Another thing that caught my eye in Godzilla was the use of miniature models. These were impressive and it amazed me that they would destroy something so incredible. I decided to do some further research into the use of miniature models in film. Now a day, a low budget alternative, miniatures were used in Godzilla to create desired effects, as CGI could not be used. This technique is still used today in films as it can be seen as a major component of filmmaking at every level.  This article states “models and miniatures offer realism and immediate feedback in-camera to let you know if you got the shot.” Which shows the importance of miniatures used in film today still

From reevaluating my original post, I have become more aware of the importance of subtitles on a film as well as the use of miniatures to create desired effects. Not watching a film because it has subtitles could rob you of a great experience based on a minor inconvenience. This was proven to me when I watched Godzilla, if it were my choice I would not have watched the movie, however watching the movie was actually more interesting than I had thought and as a result I have more respect for subtitled films. Along with this, I also further understand why miniatures are used in film today instead of using CGI.


Great Subtitled Foreign Films
Low Budget Film Making

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