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Gerald Cicero

At the start when I heard a word called ‘Autoethnography’, within the first week of Uni, I was totally confused. After I do a little research I begin to understand where’s the point going. According to Ellis Reading “Autoethnography” is an approach to research and writing that seeks to describe and systematically analyses personal experience in order to understand Cultural experience.” Ellis. (2011, pt.1)

The term Autoethnography was used to describe study, in which each cultural; member will be providing insight about their own culture. I believe autoethnography were a research method that is focused around the self and reveals, Personal investment, interpretations and self-analyses.

The process of doing Autoethnography, according to Ellis, “when writing an autobiography, an author retroactively and selectively writes about past experience.  Most of the times the author does not live through these experience solely to make them part of a published document; rather, these experiences…

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