Revisiting Godzilla

I managed to grit my teeth and sit through what seemed to be the longest 1 hour and a half of terrible special effects, and black and white film grain. However, all the judging books by it’s cover stuff aside, the movie was actually not half bad. The 2014 Godzilla was my first movie of the Godzilla movies, which means I did have quite high expectations for the original. I was a little excited to watch the original, as it was a movie many had talked about watching, because of its cringey special effects and general bad 1950’s acting.

Something that did take me by surprise was the film techniques used by the Japanese film industry at the time, they were quite up to standard and took me by surprise. As Americans pretty much dominate the film industry it is quite hard for other countries to put their foot in the door and get recognised. It was kind of refreshing having that epiphany that oh wow this wasn’t a movie made by Americans, and yes it actually does have a lot of up to date (for its time) techniques and special effects.

Not only did I get this realisation of the Japanese film industry living up to the standard, the 1954 film displayed how the Japanese people lived around the time of the filming, and there were moments of culture shock, and how they did really live very differently to Australian or American culture. Say for instance the map depicts Japan on it’s side, I’m not sure if this is because Japan like to depict their country in the “centre of the earth” or if they simply just have continued this practice through tradition.


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