Gojira and Autoethnography

Digital Asia (DIGC330)

I learned 2 things in this weeks DIGC330 class.
1: The word Autoethnography. Now this word sounds like one of those really big words people use in conversation to sound smarter, even if they don’t really understand what it means. Its meaning can be simple, or it can be complex, depending on each individual.

Ellis et al. (2011) defines Authoethnography as a synthesis of autobiographic and ethnographic techniques that allow a researcher to write about epiphanies which stem from experiences with and being within culture. Which makes about as much sense to me as the Japanese language (We’ll get to that later). But after reading their work, I have tried to break down this word in my own way, in order to gain my own understanding and perception of this word. (Basically, authoethnography-ception)

  • It is qualitative research gathered through personal experiences.
  • Authoethnographers use their experiences and create a kind of…

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