Gojila in all his glory



Autoethnography is a relatively new concept to me and admittedly upon hearing it I was at a complete loss. Ellis et al. (2011) defines autoethnography as the approach to researching and writing, that systematically both describe and analyses a personal experience in order to understand one’s cultural experience. Simply put it is the personal observation, of a personal experience and interaction with a culture in order to form a greater understanding of that experience.

Having watched the later Godzilla films many times (especially the second one, a childhood favourite of mine, for reasons that now escape my memory), I was somewhat familiar with the overall storyline. Although this was my first time watching the original Gojila, filmed in 1954 I definitely wasn’t my first time experiencing Japanese media. I’ve dabbled in a lot of different forms of Japanese culture from Anime and manga to TV dramas, and feel this…

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