State of Play and eSports

During our recent DIGC330 class, we watched a film called ‘State of Play’, which is a documentary around the craziness and lifestyle of eSports in South Korea. It was great to not only see the culture of the industry, but to actively use Ethnography to observe and witness the differences and features of the eSport industry. After watching the filming and reflecting on what I saw, I came to conclusions based on my personal experience with the eSports industry – otherwise known as using auto ethnography.

So what does all this gibberish mean? Basically what i’m trying to describe, is the two approaches of analysing and conducting research in the field. While Ethnography is the act of making observations and conducting interviews through research, Autoethnography is the act of coming to your own conclusions through your own research, by submersing yourself in the research itself, whether by watching…

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