First, let start with Autoethnography. It was a new term for me and took me a little bit of study to understand. Over the past weeks many people that I have come across and see me doing research about autoethnography, all asking me the same question about its meaning. What I told them is what I understand from Digital Asia seminars and the reading “Autoethnography: An overview” by Ellis, Adams, Bochner. Autoethnography is a research method in which the researcher using their reflection and personal experience to write a story that gives meaning and understanding to wider cultural, social, and political.

In the second week I get to watch STATE OF PLAY (2013), by Steven Dhoedt. It is the documentary of a young Korean boys StarCraft player who chooses their career to be professional gamer as the top players can earn a lot of money. At the beginning of the movie…

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