State of AutoEthnography

lucy ronald

I literally have never heard of the word “autoethnography” so there various thoughts that went through my head when I heard it was basically what we are going to be looking at all semester were “oh yeah um I probably need to un-enrol” and “wow I really need to work on my vocabulary”. But then I remembered that most of my problems can be solved by a quick Google search. After the quick search, and also looking at this weeks reading (Ellis et al (2011)) I found the following useful definition:

Autoethnography is an approach to research and writing that seeks to describe and systematically analyze personal experience in order to understand cultural experience.

So basically, from my understanding, autoethnography is referring to your own personal experience to something, and we have been asked to give our first auto-ethnographic experience from one of the two materials we have been shown…

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  1. Hi Lucy, good job on the post!
    I totally felt the same way when we were faced with ‘autoethnography’ but definitely love the concept of it and how it shapes our understanding of various cultures. I like how you compared the gaming culture to your own by saying how different it was; so much that it was so unfamiliar and strange and you tried to gain and understanding of the gaming culture by comparing it to something you did know. You mentioned aspects of their lives that they don’t have, such as hobbies, girlfriends and jobs which seem to be quite miserable however this aspect of Korean culture is something they understand and are quite used to and familiar with. For example, the korean pop music training system in which entertainment companies seek out talented individuals and basically train them in singing, acting, performing, dancing, language and even being on TV shows for years every single day. These teenagers are also forced to live outside of home thus I feel from this that the training culture may not be a big deal to them as it is for us. It’s basically like modern day slavery to us. Here’s an article that might help in further understanding this glamourous KPOP industry:

    But when you think about it, is it for these practical reasons that South Korea have the best E-sports gamers? Because they train so hard and aren’t distracted by normal everyday issues.

    This article might help you understand how popular gaming is in South Korea- so much that it’s become an addiction which brings health concerns (sounds like gambling/ drugs)

    Overall great post and definitely enjoyed your honest observations about the documentary. Always good to read fresh experiences and opinions different than my own. Good job!


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