Autoethnography Exercise PART ONE: Experience

intersectional alien

I come from a background of journal writing, studying sociology, being introverted and having social anxiety. All these experiences have (for better or worse) taught me to be the observer, to be critical of the observer and to reflect on the observer. They have also sparked an interest in me to seek out autoethnographic accounts, though I was unaware of the concept itself until recently.

I find autoethnographies to provide great insights into different cultures, ways of thinking and experiences that are invaluable to challenging my truths and forcing me to continue approaching everything with a simultaneous openness and critical analysis (a recent and very interesting find is the perspective of a trans man discussing his experiences of white male privilege).

An autoethnography is both a process and a product, as it “treats research as a political, socially-just and socially-conscious act” (Ellis et al, 2011), and these acts are constantly…

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  1. This was a really exceptional post. While most people used Gojira, you went with something more personally linked to your own experience (broad city fan too btw). Foreign adaptions are always interesting examples as they usually only work when certain parts are specifically tailored for the culture they’re being adapted to. Considering failed attempts that have happened (including adapting Kath and Kim for Americans and IT Crowd for germans) there are definitely subtleties that can’t be captured that are the main reasons the originals are so successful. Thanks for the interesting read.


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