Autoethnography: Exploration via Godzilla (1954)

Media Tear

Both the  introduction of the term “Autoethnography” and the weekly chosen text of Honda’s “Godzilla”(1954)  was startling at first. Autoethnography, was simply an unfamiliar term. My initial concern with Godzilla (1954) could be considered as somewhat superficial based on past lack of interest with older films. I find it more difficult to emotionally connect with older film’s settings, characters and digital quality, enjoying colour and visual scenes in contemporary films. Unfamiliarity of Godzilla could also be extended to a major difference in culture between being a Chinese-Australian to 1954s Japan. However, I think these initial concerns were an unnecessary over-reaction because thankfully, I did enjoy the film and have become more understanding of the term “Autoethnography” after the reading “Autoethnography: An Overview“(Ellis, Adams, Bochner, 2011)  as well as attending DIGC330: Digital Asia Seminars.

Where Ethnography seeks to explore cultural phenomena and the processes of life by its practitioners…

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