An autoethnographic response to State of Play

A Collection of Thoughts

When I first heard the term Autoethnography I will admit I was worried such a big word could only mean lots of hard work. Researching more into the word through the readings by Ellis, Adams and Bochner (2011) I learnt that “Autoethnography is an approach to research and writing that seeks to describe and systematically analyse personal experience in order to understand cultural experience” (Ellis et al. 2011, pg. 1).

Essentially a researcher makes themselves the subject of research by using their own thoughts, feelings and observations. First analysis comes from observations and then moves internally into thoughts and feelings about these observations.

My first autoethnographic experience occurred in the tutorial this week ran by Chris. We were shown a documentary called ‘State of Play’ which focused around competitive gaming and specifically a popular video game Star Craft. The film followed Lee Jae Dong a professional gamer, ParkYo Han a…

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  1. Hey Andy,
    Nice post man, you’re causal writing style and personal approach to the blog really emphasizes the nature of autoethnography as simply the combination of ethnography and biography! I specifically enjoyed the individual comments you made towards State of Play in their raw, unedited format. This really identifies them as your thoughts to the film as they occurred, which is extremely important in capturing your individual epiphanies towards the film and in this case, South Korean culture. Your personal background in living in Hong Kong for several years will give you an extremely interesting perspective towards Digital Asia as a subject, thus I’m quite excited to see the progression of your autoethnographic experiences. P.S maybe categorize your post on the DIGC blog as well as your own.
    Great work 🙂


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