Should of done this last week.
Hello, Im Berkan. Im in the Monday class at 14:30 and am the big bearded fella for anyone wanting to know.

Im a 3rd year HIST/ENGL student . I realised that i took the wrong course when i started DIGC335 but oh well too late.
I think that these subjects which are available to BCM students are incredible and I kick myself for not switching earlier.

They are fun, entertaining and personally because i enjoy the content I engage more. Chris is a legend . Dont think anyone else could do the subject as well as him. Everything is set up and ready to go at your convenience .
I think it is an important subject more so than others because there are issues in here which concern us. Yes History is all about learning about the past but this is all about the future and that is what intrigues me .

I can expect new content every time i come to class which keeps me interested.
Id recommend this subject to anyone aswell as DIGC330 AND 310 (so pissed off Im going to miss out on it ) .


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