Month: July 2016

Hi – I’m Giverny!

Hi everyone! My name is Giverny Witheridge. I’m a third year Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies student, majoring in International Media and Communication and Marketing Communication and Advertising. This is my final session at UOW!!!

When my friends and family asked me what subjects I will be studying this session, Digital Asia sparked immense fascination and curiosity. People were eager to learn about what this subject encompasses and even began to reflect themselves on the possible issues and topics Digital Asia will explore.

After studying ‘collaborative ethnography’ in a BCM subject last year, I’m interested in the notion of ‘autoethnography’ and look forward to learning how this approach to research and writing is undertaken. Although I’m not an avid consumer of Asian digital media, I’m excited to record my first experiences and interpretations of the different media texts we will encounter throughout this intriguing subject.