Autoethnographic Investigation: The Future of Nintendo

Look mum I made a blog...

This is the final conclusion to my independent autoethnographic research on Nintendo. I initially began my blog posts discussing my childhood experiences with Nintendo and then moved the discussion into how Nintendo dominated the 1990s in video gaming. I have discussed the success of the NES, SNES and the Game Boy and its many generations and how this led to Nintendo’s dominance. But now some 20 years on Nintendo is at a crossroads in the video game industry after having lost its position at the head, as now Microsoft and Sony are battling it out for the top spot. Nintendo needs to re-find its feet and become the phenomenon that it once was. The phenomenon that won over the many hearts of gamers from my generation. Which leads me to now. In this final podcast I will be focusing discussion on what Nintendo did wrong in the console market and what it needs to…

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