“Compared to home the foreign is merely an are of projection because the foreign lacks the inner template home provides – the foreign is amorphous and unstructured – it does not allow for anticipation because we cannot read it, cannot interpret what is possible or impossible, attractive or repulsive – we lack the history of personal and cultural experiences – this lack of transparency holds potential for both euphoria and frustration” (Alsop 2002).

I have used this quote from Alsop’s (2002) text to describe previous auto-ethnographic experiences in this subject, but there is something about it that has really resonated with me this semester. I attempted to go into my auto-ethnographic experience with Harajuku Fashion Culture with this quote in mind, and challenge myself to ask ‘why do I feel this way towards certain elements of the culture?’ and ‘how has my upbringing shaped feeling this way?’ Unlike my…

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