Week 7: Pokemon – Some research and analysis


Levels of Fans: Fiske’s tripartite model as an analytical tool

Emmanouloudis, A 2015, You Are Not Alone. The Emergence Of Fan Communities Around User-Generated Content:
A Comparative Analysis, PhD thesis, University of Amsterdam

  • The simple fan: He/she views new content, reviews older, and regularly shares it with other people of his/her environment.
  • The enthusiast: An enthusiast not only mimics whatever his/her simple counterpart does, but takes it a step further with actions like subscription to a page or platform (e.g. YouTube) so as to never miss a beat, and also participates in forms of enunciative productivity like discussions, reading wikis focused on the subject or assembling collections of related merchandise.
  • The advantageous enthusiast:He/she is willing to pay the extra fares some websites require in order to have access to premium content.
  • The maker: Creator of new content. Members of this category have elements of the two previously mentioned categories (enthusiast…

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