Week 8 – Academic Research into Anime Fandom

Zac T McCall

As mentioned in my post from last week I am going to analyse the wide spread anime community, or ‘fandom’ as it is referred too, in more academic depth. Searching through Wollongong’s catalogues I found a handful of academic articles relating to the anime subculture, and in particular “fan subbing”.

In terms of its origins the Hye-Kyung Lee (2011) article claims that it began in the early 1990’s in the US, “as part of anime fandom, its key aim was to provide English-speaking fans with a wide variety of animes that were not available through authorized distribution”. The new fan subbed versions were shared by mail across the country to the many anime clubs that were forming.

The process of making a fansub has dramatically changed since the beginning of the 90’s as technologies have improved. As the Rusch (2008) article claims “fansubbing has its origins with VHS cassettes, which…

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