Autoethnographic Invesitagtion: Cooking Indian Food Take 1

Jyotsna Singh

Today I commenced my second round of autoenthographic research for my media studies. As the focus of this subject is on Asia, I decided to explore India (as many people forget that other than China, Korea, Japan etc, India also comes under Asia!). I decided to spice up my auto ethnographic project by learning how to cook Indian food! I myself am Indian, and I have been lucky to grow up with delicious authentic Indian food thanks to my mum who is an amazing cook. However, despite the persistence from my parents in the past couple of years, I still have not learnt how to cook! I thought it would be a great opportunity to partake in an experience of learning how to cook Indian food.

Today my mum taught me how to lay out a common classic day-to-day Indian dinner Piela Daal (yellow lentils), with raita (yogurt) and roti…

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