Exploring North Korea through Instagram | Conclusions | An Autoethnographic Study

Christiarne | UOW

How do I make sense of North Korea through this experience and my research?

This is part three of a series of blog posts which accounts my autoethnographic experience.

I have conducted an autoethnographic study that explores the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (from here on North Korea) through the Instagram account of @Vickyinam. I first came across this account in a BBC News clip on YouTube. According to the BBC News (2015) biography information:

“Vicky Mohieddeen is a British woman who regularly visits North Korea from Beijing where she works for a tour company that takes foreigners into the “Hermit Kingdom”. She knows the place well, has a respect for its people but realises too that she can’t allow herself – or the revealing images she takes and puts on social media – to act as a mouthpiece for the country, so often condemned as aggressive and belligerent by the international community. She…

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