Why Do You Cut Yourself ? : A Further look into Cosmetic Surgery Culture in Korea


Week 9 and no written feedback in sight, here is my second blog post.

I’m feeling very beautiful, why not.

What does it mean to beautiful in Korea? Researcher and local layabout LivLiv is here to find out through the help of the internet. From an autoethnographic experience I can’t say I’ve ever wanted to change my face. For me the fact that I look like my parents makes me very happy and people often tell me my face is my best feature. Also coming from a Christian background I always believed it was righteous to accept the way I looked because that’s the way God made me. In the Western world we always emphasise inner beauty, however I can’t say I’ve ever seen peoples inner beauty be rewarded in a media manner, no one ever got on the front of vogue for being a ‘nice girl’.

In Australia, we…

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