The Link Between Confucianism and Cosmetic Surgery in South Korea.


The New-Yorker and I have something in common, we’re both like to be know it alls, and have made the same link to the trend of cosmetic surgery in Korea has a lot to do with Confucianism.

The Teachings of Confucianism promote :

  • Zhōng (忠, loyalty)
  • Xiào (孝, filial piety)
  • Jié (節, continency)
  • (義, righteousness)

Just to simplify the following argument into 1500 words I chose to focus on these 4 ethical pillars of confucianism to correlate these Korean values back to the popularity of cosmetic surgery.

A common theme of all the interviews and blogs I have come across discussing surgery in Korea and with Korean people, is the notion that cosmetic surgery is improving yourself in Korea and there is a lack of connection to the human body. and because of it’s affordability in Korea. (As mentioned in the music video previously shown in my last blog, it…

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