Japanese game shows cultural parodies

G’day readers, in this weeks exciting instalment of my digc330 research project on Japanese game shows we will be looking at cultural parodies or adaptions of the iconic shows in question.

For many of us out there our first real taste of a Japanese game show came from the internationally acclaimed most extreme elimination challenge, more commonly referred to as ‘MXC’. What we may not know about this show however is it was originally a game show that aired in America from the late 1980’s to 1990’s called Takeshi’s Castle. The show was, a huge success across the U.S where it was originally re-edited as well as the rest of the world mainly due to the painful injuries sustained by some of the characters, as well as its wonderfully comedic hosts Vick Romano and Kenny Blankenship. For extensive research purpose, and for your own viewing pleasure I shall leave a link to the top 25 most painful eliminations of the duration of the show at the bottom of this post. The great thing about the cultural parodies of these Japanese game shows, in particular MXC is that they have bought this form of television programming to parts of the world, and to people who otherwise would not have known of their existence or at least not have thought of watching them, and this is the true marvel behind the cultural parody of such shows.

In addition to this, you can even see evidence of western television stations attempting to incorporate or adapt the ideas first presented in the Japanese programs into their own show, for example the not so popular Australian TV show ‘wipe out’. This show showed a huge resemblance to Takeshi’s castle in that competitors had to complete a hideously difficult challenge, or course that often resulted in a hilarious injury and elimination. Unfortunately most of these adaptions did not share in the popularity of the original shows, or even the original remakes of MXC and this is rather curious. I believe that this is due to a loss of part of the comedy aspect in adaption of the original shows to a more western format, this world also explain why MXC was successful due to it only been A comedy dub over the original footage. It will be a challenge, but I shall endeavour to keep this comedy factor in my remake of a show for my final product of the research project.

Thanks for dropping by this week and sharing my thoughts on Japanese game shows once more, be sure to drop by next week for more updates and insights.

Yes, yes I know I didn’t forget. As promised here is the part of the post you have all been waiting for. Enjoy the top 25 most painful eliminations of MXC or Takeshi’s castle. Enjoy your bone crushing, spleen wrenching comedy.

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