Cut, that’s a wrap! Final thoughts

Congratulations, you’ve successfully made it to the end of the series of blog posts for my individual research project for digc330. The end product of this research will be for me to create a short video in the style of Japanese game show by using the techniques that I have explored in these blog posts.

Throughout the duration of these posts we have explored the way in which Japanese game shows create their comedy aspect, often through the misfortune of their contestants. We have also looked at the way in which parody versions of Japanese game shows enjoy great international success, by looking in particular at Takeshi’s castle parody MXC. In this weeks post I would like to explore the resurgence in these shows through the Internet, in particular video sharing websites such as YouTube.

We have already explore how Japanese game shows have been parodied in the west, and how this led to a viewership of people who would not have otherwise heard of them, but in furthering my research I have also discovered that this may also be due to the availability of clips from these shows been made available online. Thanks to sites such as YouTube all the pain, I mean fun of Japanese game shows is at all of our fingertips online, with many videos having views in the hundred thousands to millions which once again shows the popularity these television programs are enjoying around the globe. The fact that these videos are also been recently added to youtube shows that they may also be in the midst of a resurgence thanks to an online medium in which to view them.

Well that just about brings me to a close for the final blog for the series of posts on Japanese game shows for my digital research project. Thanks for sharing the journey for me, and keep enjoying those terribly funny, yet painful, and often embarrassing shows we love known as Japanese game shows.

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