Conclusions on blogs and censorship

Blogging one blog at a time

When coming to conclusions about my experience with Chinese blogs and government censorship, it seems there is far more than meets the eye. I want to focus my research in my final post, on the outcome of political discourse caused by blogs throughout China and the repercussions faced via government censorship.

When I first skimmed the surface on this topic, I began with censorship in China as a whole. As a result, I didn’t really know how blogging in China worked or how they were still being produced despite tight censorship. But looking further into it, I have found the little tricks that bloggers are using to get past detection. Some of the tricks include:

  • Using euphemisms to continue conversations on specific topics
  • Writing so many entries that when writing a comment that brings up certain ideas, it doesn’t get detected
  • Using satire and images

An individual that paved the…

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