Chinese Blogs and Political Discourse

Blogging one blog at a time

Chinese censorship is huge. It isn’t just social media sites or pornography sites, but anything that seems to condemn the Chinese government in any way or on the road to political discourse. This includes a huge amount of blogs. Last week I looked into the current censorship environment. Net Intiative reported in its 2004-2005 study of Chinese Internet Censorship that “China operates the most extensive, technologically sophisticated, and broad reaching system of internet filtering in the world” (OpenNet Intiative, 2005). The censorship system is called The Great Firewall of China. I want to look into how these blogs are approached, do they reach a global audience and the way in which they can evade censorship.


In 2007, it was reported that there were 47 million bloggers in China with 72 million blogs (CNNIC, 2007). These statistics show the extensive nature of the blogosphere and the huge job that the government…

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