Stardom 5 Star GP: Final Thoughts

Brendan Vs The World

12027120_869974553098809_4818778363694838594_oSource: Ichiban Drunk

For my second round of auto-ethnographic researching I decided to look at Japanese wrestling. The show in particular I chose to focus on was the first night of Stardom’s 5 Star GP tournament. Just finding the show was an experience in itself. After hours of searching and joining closed Facebook groups I finally found links to watch the show in its entirety. It was actually the first time I’ve watched a Japanese Joshi show from start to finish. I’ve seen a few acclaimed Joshi matches on YouTube but never a full show. I have always been intrigued by Joshi but never really knew how to follow it.

It’s quite hard to get access to the shows and matches internationally. Thankfully fans share a lot of content and that’s how I was able to access this show. It’s sort of sad that there is not option for international fans to support these shows…

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