Research into Online Duets and OPM Artists

elysium design utopia

The idea of creating duets in parts online is not exactly something new, and depending on the professionalism of those aiming to create the duo, you can get some stunning results.  That’s not to say I’m looking at those videos which have HQ graphics and a team of dancers in the back (although if there are some K-Pop online duets which bother to keep up with that standard of music video, that would be fantastic), I’m simply referring to how accurate some artists try to present themselves.  For example, I edit my track multiple times before creating a final mix, while others simple record, put the two parts together and let it be, something which has it’s own unique quality in itself.

When searching for internet duets, one of the most prominent results was this collaboration between Jessie J and Tom Bleasby for Flashlight.  What I find interesting about this duet…

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