An exploration of Football Hooliganism in Asia Part 3

Media, Marketing and Sport


“In parts of Asia spectator violence at football matches has a long history, yet equivalents of self-declared hooligan formations engaging in violent confrontation do not seem to exist.” (Spaaij 2006).

Last post we explored the role of hooliganism in China and I made a few assumptions backed by some evidence. This post I am going to try to focus on how aggression in football can be a contributing factor, and what causes it. Hopefully this can also shed light on what cause these violent and destructive showings from fans, or Asian Hooliganism as I like to refer.

Interestingly, I had a browse for some stuff on not just footballing fan aggression but all sports. Football did dominate the search, it is the world game after all. But I set out with this idea that media would be a driving force for the fan aggression, although the text that I landed on…

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