An Exploration of Football Hooliganism in Asia Part 2

Media, Marketing and Sport

Last post I explored football Hooliganism in Asia, particularly in Eurasia, specifically Turkey. What struck me, was the trend that although hooliganism did occur in these countries, it was very much expressions of violence. Rather than traditional organised, systematic hooliganism. Although I feel this hooliganism is not what you would refer to as traditional European Esk, I personally believe that this is a hooliganism style and culture that is representative of Asia.

I really wanted to explore this concept, and I felt China was a great place to start, with Chinese league very much growing, and my favourite Aussie ever, Timmy Cahill playing there.

Fans from opposing local sides Shanghai Shenhua and Dongya FC clashed violently in an alley outside of Hongkou Football Stadium August 31 2014, before the local rivals locked horns in the Shanghai Derby. Police stepped in and quickly separated the two sides, and the China Super…

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