Kariann’s response to Duets Across the Globe

elysium design utopia

In my initial post, I reflected greatly upon my side of the duet interaction.  As it is an online experience, although we are creating a musical product together, it has a very obvious disconnect.  As such, I asked Kari a couple of questions based on the questions I sought to answer in my initial post about our online duet experience.

1.What has been your favourite song to record so far? Why?
Definitely Take me or Leave me, because it was pretty challenging but worth it in the end. This song was a bit difficult in terms of vocal ranges, but I accomplished it in the end and it was good fun!

2. What has been the most challenging aspect of recording your parts?
I think it’s got to be hitting the higher notes of a song, because I’m more of an Alto person but doing this really opens me up…

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