Internet Music Culture and OPM

elysium design utopia

When I started recording internet duets, it was because I wanted to do something fun with a friend who I happened to have known online.  The internet has created a platform where I am no longer limited to interactions only with those near my geographical location.  Instead, my experience as an Australian online looks into many cultures all at once, simply by visiting a website where someone from anywhere else in the world is present.  If we as people are interacting through this medium, does it mean we are experiencing that different culture, while they are experiencing ours, or does it merge to create a globalised internet culture which is a mix of cultures from all over the world?  When I interact with Kariann, where does my Australian cultural influence stop and her Filipino cultural influence start?  So far, we have covered 2 songs, the first written by Jonathan Larson, an American…

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