Name and Verb Associates to Drone: Asian Context

T H I N K Sam

This post is intended to be a field journal type writing which I’ll refer to later in my auto ethnographic response

Name and verb associates

Japaneseドローン – growl, groan, roar, snarl, moan, drone

Chinese 無人駕駛飛機 – hiss, neigh, hissing, fizzing, buzz, drone

Korean – 무인 비행기

mu-in bihaeng-gi – buzz and buzz, hum, boom

Indonesian – dengung -rumble, thunder, propaganda

Production – consumption – representation


  • fears and anxieties perhaps explained in the way the expression drone is culturally constructed with an unknown element and a restricted control sector for particular countries.

Eg. China. Individuals can say and do what they like as long as it doesn’t get aimed or directly affect their government. in terms of drone piloting, their area and dense population restricts the Consumption as opposed to somewhere like Australia with vast open landscape and geographic capabilities. However, in china the drones aren’t, so far, affecting…

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