Harajuku Fashion Culture: Delving A Little Deeper


Ok.. So last week I viewed a YouTube clip that documented the 2015 Annual Harajuku Fashion Walk in Tokyo. To say that the outfits blew my mind would be an understatement. The outfits were so far-out, out of this world different from what I am used to seeing on the pages of Harpers Bazaar, or walking down the street’s in Sydney, that I was trying so hard to process and consume so much that was happening at the one time… that I had no time to reflect on what these outfits really represented. I truly was overwhelmed by the foreign and different, that I did not have time to break down some of the things that I saw.

The three things that shocked/surprised/excited me the most were:

  1. Colour. Everywhere. There seemed to be no rules of matching and coordinating colour which goes against everything that Western Fashion publications and platforms…

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